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Fast Forward is a venture studio—and early-stage fund—that builds and backs companies to unlock prosperity in Africa through technology.📍🌍 San Francisco / Lagos

Venture Studio

Fast Forward Venture studio works alongside dynamic entrepreneurs advancing ideas we believe will scale to impact 10M+ people and achieve >$10m ARR in 3-5 years, backing up to 10 companies annually—with priority on platform and infrastructure plays—in sectors including (but not limited to) B2B, Fintech, eCommerce, Edtech, Healthcare, Logistics, Deep Tech, SaaS, Future of Work, and Blockchain.Have an idea? Lots of domain expertise/operator experience with no idea? Reach out and let's talk.

Fast Forward AI Lab

Fast Forward’s AI Lab co-build opportunities where AGI (artificial general intelligence) can unlock value. We do this by working with existing portfolio companies, building new AI-first ventures with ambitious founders, and co-building with large corporate organizations.We would love to chat with founders with unfair advantage, access and experience in specific industries. We’re also keen to talk to engineers who have sharpened expertise in vector embedding, prompt engineering, and interacting with multiple LLMs beyond OpenAI. And then, of course, Fast Forward is happy to engage with investors seeking early access to these exciting opportunities.Please reach out to us at hello(at)fastforward(dot)fund.

Syndicate Fund

Fast Forward Syndicate Fund selectively invests in scalable tech-enabled companies at pre-seed stage. Reach out via hello(at)fastforward(dot)fund and let's talk.What we look for👉🏽 Prosperity Tech.
👉🏽 Founders with at least 1 superpower (10x grit, technical, sales, community, product, unfair advantage),
👉🏽 Clear insights on how to grow, or consider applying to the venture studio
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Venture Studio Portfolio

BumpaShopify for Africa2020Kelvin Umechukwu, Tunji OpayeleBase 10, Plug & Play
AltschoolFuture Proof Skills College starting with coding2021Adewale Yusuf, Sultan AkintundePledges, Voltron, Zedcrest
TalentQLConnecting tech talent with employers2021Adewale Yusuf, Sultan AkintundeTechstars, Zedcrest
DojahKYC and Identity verification for Africa2021Tobi Ololade, Ayomide OsoYC, Heirloom, Swiss Fund
SendchampOmnichannel messaging software2022Goodness Kay, Dami OlotuDFS
RoHealthHealth Benefits Marketplace and API for Africa2022Olalekan Olude 

Fund Portfolio*

  • Apata / Authentication infrastructure for Fintech issuers

  • Bumpa / Mobile OS for Online Sellers in Africa

  • Bank54 / Flexible Financing for African Fintechs

  • Casava / Digital Insurance Platform in Nigeria

  • Convoy (YC) / Open Source Webhooks Proxy

  • Cova / Track your wealth in one place

  • Electronic Settlements Limited / Agency Banking

  • Juni / Financial data platform

  • Klump / BNPL for Africa

  • Laskie / Talent platform/marketplace

  • Learnam / Mobile based learning of digital skills , powered by Airtel and funded by GSMA

  • Miapelenou / Alibaba + Alipay for French Speaking West Africa

  • Moni / Banking for mobile money agents / YC

  • Nguvu Health / Clinical therapy app

  • Odiggo (YC) / App-based car parts marketplace

  • Payday (Techstars) / Making payroll to Africa easy

  • Quabbly / No code business workflow builder

  • Reliance Health / Digitaly Enabled Health Insurance Company

  • Rollout / Design and automate any workflow in minutes

  • Ropay / Spend management + payroll for Africa

  • Veend / Funds disbursement and collection for lenders

  • Venco / OS for Estate and Property Management

  • Verileum / Crypto Virtual Payment Network

  • Vesti / Mobile bank for immigrants

  • Yemaachi (YC) / Africa's Cancer research company

*includes personal and syndicate investments of partners before fund launch


We are founders and operators with experience launching and leading startups on the continent. Our collective experience includes founding, scaling and leading several companies including Jobberman, leading job site in Africa, acquired in 2016; investing in multiple African startups that have achieved exits and scale (Electronic Settlements Limited, Reliance Health); and a 16x portfolio MOIC; and building products for large cap U.S. and African tech companies, including Facebook, Indeed and e-commerce venture Jumia—the first VC backed startup in Africa to achieve unicorn status and an IPO on a major exchange.Opeyemi Awoyemi - Managing Partner
Lara Awoyemi - Operating Partner
Jake Bright - Venture Partner
That said, the founders we partner with are our biggest assets and we are only grateful that they chose us.

Contact Us

Are you ambitious and want to use technology to make a big impact in emerging markets? Do you have just an idea or a MVP with little to no traction? We would love to hear from you.And if you want to run a concept we're already working on, check out our venture studio page for broad themes and reach out for a convo.